Is your organization evolving at the velocity of change?

The uber-competitive, turbulent markets of the 21st Century require enterprises with rapid response cultures; organizations so agile that they are as new as the markets they serve. Such agility requires fully engaged employees who enthusiastically flow with the change that keeps the organization’s systems and products in-tune with the mercurial markets.

Long term success and prosperity of a business depends on the engaged enthusiasm of employees.

Here is the Cultural Paradox: Management cannot directly control the Organizational Culture! Management cannot directly control how employees will “think, feel, and behave”, and any inclination to do so only creates destructive distrust and resentment! Management can only control the Working Environment, the conditions in which the employees work. The Organizational Culture is the employees’ response to the Working Environment management creates.

How do you create this type of culture?

There are only four points of leverage on the working environment that will elicit the desired cultural response. The Resonant Leader masterfully directs management’s energy to these four points of cultural leverage:

  • The behavior management models.
  • The investment management makes in the education and development of its employees.
  • The data management chooses to collect, interpret, and report as measures of individual and organizational performance.
  • The behaviors management rewards.
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